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Famous Shopping Markets of Ludhiana

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Punjab’s vibe is different? Voh kehte hain na- Punjab ki hawaon me kuch toh baat hai. Punjab is all about profligacy, love, heritage, food and shopping. So, today, we are discussing the much-talked textile hub of Punjab- Ludhiana.

Do you know that originally Ludhiana was known as Lodhi-ana because of the Lodhi town? Well, today you know it by Manchester of India because it is the largest producer of hosiery products in India. Whether you are a fashionista or you have a retail shop. 

These are the famous shopping markets of Ludhiana where you can find everything you need.

Shopping Markets of Ludhiana

1. Market in Model Town

If you are looking for modern and classic attires, head to Model Town. It is a hidden treasure of the city and covers all the age group shopping experiences. It is also famous for its street shopping alternatives have many roadside stalls of footwear, kids’ wear, apparel, and accessories. But do remember to bargain- else you will say we didn’t tell you.

Market in Model Town

2. Pavilion Shopping Centre

Pavillion Mall is the first choice for city people as it is one of the hot shopping destinations of the city. You get lots of brands here, like Westside, Puma, etc. Just name the brand and it’s available here. To make this mall a better place to spend quality time with your family, it has a game zone and a theatre.

Pavilion Shopping Centre

3. Ghumar Mandi

Ghumar Mandi is a proper bustling local market. From traditional Punjabi attires, jewelry, footwear, and whatnot, you get all in one place. The street food and lively ambiance are what draw attention to this place. It is a must-visit if you love exploring local markets. It is one of the most stylish shopping hubs in Ludhiana. 

Ghumar Mandi

4. Chaura Bazaar

If you talk about the oldest, busiest, and one of the most reasonable markets of Ludhiana it’s Chaura Bazaar. It is renowned for its wholesale textiles, including silks, cotton fabrics, woolen shops, and other hosiery items. But it also has shops for footwear, home decor, cycle parts, mobile shops, and other gadgets. But if you are here- do try sweets from Khushi Ram’s Sweet Shop. 

Chaura Bazaar

5. Akal Garh Market

The centre market of Ludhiana is Akal Garh Market. It is a hub of wholesale textile markets from salwar suits, kurtas, sarees, and much more. For budgeted shopping, this place will not disappoint you. 

Akal Garh Market

6. Westend Mall

If we are talking about some classy shopping where we can spend the whole day- it’s Westend Mall. It is one of the busiest malls in Ludhiana and the most luxurious. There are two floors for shopping in this mall- the women’s and kids’ sections are on the second floor, and the men’s section is on the first floor. The upper floors have a food zone and play area.

Westend Mall

7. Plaza Ansal

Ansal Plaza of Ludhiana is the Khan Market of Delhi. For those who don’t know, Khan Market is one of the high-end markets in Delhi. The same is true with Ansal Plaza because it features designer boutiques, luxury brands, trendy cafes, and much more. So, if you like some classy and unique stuff and don’t have any problem splurging money- go for Ansal Plaza. Also, there are many exhibitions and events from time to time.

Plaza Ansal

8. Punjab Trade Centre                   

Punjab Trade Centre, as the name says, is a wholesale shopping hub. It is a shopping paradise for textiles, footwear, accessories, and home furnishings. It looks expensive, but it is a popular location for bulk purchases of quality products at reasonable prices.

Punjab Trade Centre 

9. Karimpura Bazaar

Karimpura Bazaar has many things to offer. From crockery to home decor, from ethnic dresses to winter wear. You get everything here in budgeted ranges. 

Karimpura Bazaar

Ludhiana Market FAQS- We thought you might ask!

1. What is the timing of the Ludhiana market?

Ludhiana market is open six days- from Monday to Saturday, 10.00 AM to 9.00 PM. Remember, Sunday is closed.

2. What is the best time to visit Ludhiana?

The best time to visit Ludhiana is from October to March during winter. It is the most pleasant weather to shop and explore this vibrant city.

3. Which are the famous shopping markets of Ludhiana?

Famous Ludhiana shopping markets are Dal Bazaar, Ghanta Ghar Chowk, Chaura Bazaar and Ghumar Mandi.

4. Is bargaining common in Ludhiana markets?

Yes, bargaining is common in many Ludhiana markets, mainly in smaller ones. After all, shopping is incomplete without bargaining.

5. Where to buy ethnic dresses in Ludhiana?

Head to Chaura Bazaar, Ghumar Mandi, Karimpura Market, or Akal Garh Market, if you want to buy traditional dresses in Ludhiana.

6. What are the best-budgeted markets of Ludhiana?

Ludhiana offers a range of shopping options to suit all budgets. Chaura Bazaar and some sections of Dal Bazaar cater well to budget-conscious shoppers.

7. How to reach Ludhiana markets?

Ludhiana is well-connected by road, rail, and air. Once in Ludhiana, you can navigate the markets by rickshaw, auto-rickshaw, or taxi. Many markets are also walkable from central Ludhiana.

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What to buy in Ludhiana? 

Ludhiana is known for its textile industry. You get all the fabrics, including luxurious silk, cotton, and woolens. Also, Punjabi Jutti, Phulkari dupattas, and Patiala suits are local market specialties you should buy if you are in the city.

Ludhiana also has a few other markets like Mochpura Bazaar, Gur Mandi, and Barsaati Bazaar, which are also good prospects. There are many shopping options in this city. 

Shop wherever you like!